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eu sou um Dee-sciple

Attention Dee-sciples!

This is your ol’ pal Dee Snider asking you to join me this and every Tuesday night at 10/9c on A&E for my family’s new show “Growing Up Twisted!”

This week’s show rocks! It’s called “I Still Wanna Rock” and includes a guest appearance from the lovely Lita Ford and performances by my daughter Cheyenne, son Jesse Blaze and even the old man (me) gets in the act! My hair is glorious! In fact, I debut my first original song “Rock n Roll Ain’t Dead” on this week’s show!

I hope you’ll join me and my entire crazy family for this week’s episode of Growing Up Twisted! Tuesday night at 10/9c (followed by three more episodes) on A&E!

And tell ALL of your friends!
Dee Snider

Dee gets a last minute call to perform in Atlantic City and decides it should be a family affair. While Suzette is ready to party and hits the casino floor with sons Shane and Cody, Dee invites Jesse and Cheyenne to perform. Jess performs "Rock n' Roll Ain't Dead" at the show and Cheyenne sings "Cherry Bomb" with the legendary Lita Ford, both wowing the crowd.
With two children who were born prematurely, Dee dedicates his time to serve as the National Spokesperson for the March of Dimes "Bikers for Babies" events. Wanting to involve the whole family in this year's ride, Dee asks Cheyenne to ride with him, Suzette to ride her trike and encourages Jesse to get a Harley, but keep it a secret from Suzette. When Suzette discovers that Jesse has a new bike and is going to ride she is furious and threatens Dee who finally convinces her to let Jesse ride. Suzette ends up stalling in the middle of the ride and nearly runs Jesse off the road in her struggle to get her bike to safety. Meanwhile, Shane and Cody don crazy outfits and concoct a competition to see who can sell the most t-shirts... the winner of the competition will wax the other brother.
Uneasy Riders
cody eu sou um Dee sciple

Twisted Sister lead singer, Dee Snider, is the lone voice of reason when his family packs a whirlwind of activity into one week. Their eldest son, Jesse, wants to have a christening for his daughter, but a touching tribute song he writes for the event opens up old wounds between father and son. Then the family heads to the city for son Shane's stand-up act, but his brother Cody nearly gets into a fight with a comic that disrespects the Snider clan. Finally, the family needs to pull it all together in time to stage a very touching... and very twisted christening.
Dee decides to get his "Suzette Forever" tattoo redone as a surprise on their anniversary, but is floored to find out that Suzette started the process of removing her "Dee Forever" tattoo. After this ruins their anniversary dinner, Suzette is on a mission to fix things with Dee and designs a new tattoo that she later seductively reveals. Throughout the anniversary plans, the kids realize they've gotten to learn a little "too much information" about their parent's sex life, especially when they find a packet of pink hair dye not intended for their mom's locks.
Shane announces to the family that they all need to help him shoot his sketch, "My Friend Poseidon," for his final improv class with each member of the family taking an important role in the execution. The project hits an unexpected bump when a clerk at the costume store insults Suzette's physique and the Snider boys seek justice. And mother and daughter have a sparring match to exert some pent up aggression with one another, which ends in a bloody mess.
When her son Jesse reprimands her for trying to pierce his daughter's ears, Suzette decides the real issue is that she is starting to feel some empty nest syndrome. She urges Dee to reverse his vasectomy and visits her doctor only to find out they won't be able to have more children. Dee and Suzette begin to explore adoption but a surprise visit from a social worker from Child Protective Services shatters the couple's dream to adopt.



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Capital Inicial e o bate-papo

Fui convidado a mediar bate-papo do grupo com fãs, nesta semana, na Saraiva Megastore do Center Norte. E em verdade vos digo, está pra nascer banda mais despretensiosa e simpática com quem os apoia.

seguem fotos do evento.

5250 Capital Inicial e o bate papo

5251 Capital Inicial e o bate papo

5252 Capital Inicial e o bate papo

5253 Capital Inicial e o bate papo

5254 Capital Inicial e o bate papo

5255 Capital Inicial e o bate papo

5256 Capital Inicial e o bate papo

5257 Capital Inicial e o bate papo

5258 Capital Inicial e o bate papo

5259 Capital Inicial e o bate papo5260 Capital Inicial e o bate papo

5261 Capital Inicial e o bate papo

5262 Capital Inicial e o bate papo

5263 Capital Inicial e o bate papo

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