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Rooftime mostra as letras de seu novo EP, "I Promise You"

Trio aposta em sonoridade mais pop em novo trabalho


Vagalume Vagalume

O trio Rooftime lançará, nesta sexta-feira (28), o seu novo EP, "I Promise You". Este trabalho é uma guinada na sonoridade do grupo para o pop e chega com cinco faixas inéditas.

Com exclusividade no Vagalume, eles mostram as letras de cada música deste lançamento. As cinco músicas são em inglês e podem ser conferidas abaixo.

Veja as letras:

I Promise You


I promise you

Everything that you wanna


Everything that

That you set to yourself


I promise you

All the stars in the heaven

You can take as a present

It's true

I promise you

The sins will be gone and

The light will be pointing

At you

I promise you (x3)

I do

Let me show them

What's waiting for you

I can be there

Painting the skies all in blue

I'm a Thing

I'm here

In a cage

That ive build with my own hands

I'm thing

Not a friend

I'm made to help who im against

I feel lost

No escape

It's like a dream without and end

Where's the key?

To my head

I'm a label without a brand

Piece Of Mind

See that star in your dreams

It's blinking right at you

Right at you

I wonder where you can find

A whole piece of mind

Wonder where I can find...


Love Order

Cause we were always that way

Fighting over those games that you lose

You and I, the same

You still blame yourself

For what I do

I can have you calling back for me

Use it for whatever you wanted to

But seems that I got other stuff to lead

Where I want

Can I have another drama

And another one moonlight

Can I have a bit of horror

To spend my full time

Can I have another sexy?

And another one night

Can I have a bit o acid

Just to save my whole life

Skies Inferno

Like a sad circus

The clown cant stop crying

But I won't care

‘cause I got my own smiling

Freezing in the cold

When the rain starts pouring

Lucky for me

I got my skin on fire

There's rainbows in the sky

That's what they keep saying

But the world is colorblind

And im keep playing it

Cause even the world

It's on its shallow

I'll be watching on the skies inferno

Fonte: Vagalume


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